Cathy Tan
Founder and CEO

A staunch advocate for growth and empowerment, Cathy has always honored creative minds and honed them into people who give others nothing but their best. Customer service, efficiency in deliverables, and play time at work have been her way of life and so even when she was just building the company on her own a few years back, her very first clients have since kept her a top-of-the-mind when they need to get something done seamlessly in their homes because of her fun yet unparalleled reliable persona.

A degree holder in the field of Broadcast Communications, Cathy has prudently used her background to skillfully relay business needs and goals to the right people and in turn, expand her feat in the industry.  A NACAP and PCAB accreditation passer, this visionary continues to increase her leverage thru persistent acquisition of new learnings and developments in the industry as she strives to grow the company’s brand equity not only in the Philippines but also globally.

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